Academy Council - Currently an IEB

Birchen Coppice Academy is in a transition period between the Interim Excutive Board and an Academy Council, in preparation for the next step in the schools journey.  It is anticipated that the IEB will be disolved in its entirety by Setember 2019;  The Academy Council will then take the role of the former IEB.

Mr Marc Ashford

Academy Council Chair

Mrs Victoria Forrest

Teaching Staff Represntative

Mrs Charlotte Jeynes

Non Teaching Staff Representative

Mr Ian Kirby

Director of Finance and Operations, Victoria Academies Trust - Member

Mrs Charlotte Davis

Executive Headteacher Victoria Academies Trust - Birchen Coppice - Foley Park - Northfiled Academies

Ms Sharron Philpotts

Executive Headteacher Victoria Academies Trust - Devonshire Infants - Devonshire Junior Academies