The Curriculum at Birchen Coppice Primary Academy is focused on the world we live in, that is rooted within our own locality and context, meeting the needs of all learners.

Our curriculum embraces the wider world which celebrates the contributions of significant individuals and groups from history and celebrates how the world has been shaped by significant events and people.

Our children will be taken on a journey from the past, to the present day and to the future.  A world full of challenges and diversity, and will explore the role of our children in shaping the future.

All elements of the National Curriculum requirements are central to the context and skills children need to develop throughout their primary years, have been fully embedded.

The whole curriculum is focuses around a range of genres, which will help the children to understand, and appreciate the world they live in. 

Our curriculum will be bought alive to make learning real, exciting and purposeful.  it is inspirational and promotes curiosity.   The focus will be on the holistic child through, intellectual, aesthetic, physical, emotional, spiritual and social dimensions, together with a global perspective.

Our curriculum will

  • Excite imaginations and fire curiosity
  • Raise aspirations and widen horizons.
  • Enable every learner to leave our academy with the confidence, the ability and the desire to make the world a better place.
  • Enable learners to engage in entrepreneurial activities 
  • Conclude and learning challenge relevant to the learning that takes place each half term.
  • Have the global dimensions embedded within it, which will also encompass an international perspective.