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Woodbury Community Farm

Our Farm is progressing well, see below to see how things are changing day-by-day.


While Birchen Coppice Academy is a great place to get a fabulous education, it is also starting to develop into a real working farm - Woodbury Farm. Each day our pupils feed, groom, clean up after, and love our animals.  

Currently our pupils are on a rota for the following farm tasks:

  • Feed the donkeys and goats
  • Grooming the donkeys and goats
  • Gather eggs from the chickens
  • Taking care of and feeding the rabbits
  • Scoop manure from the pasture
  • Putting our animals to bed for the night and awakening them each morning
  • Exercising them - each day our pupils walk the animals around our site to ensure they have plenty of exercise.


Currently, Woodbury farm animals include:

  • Maise our brown Donkey
  • Katie our white donkey
  • Joey and Jupiter our two goats
  • 4 rescued battery hens; Moffit, The Colonel, Matilda and Margo
  • Benjamin Gravy male rabbit
  • 5 young - Lavender Legbarn Chickens
  • 2 Guinea Pigs - Gary and Bill
  • Coming soon... our very own bee hives (for the production of honey), more rabbits and guinea pigs, micro pigs and ducks


We also have an organic garden for children to plant and harvest. In fact, we use our donkey manure to help grow our vegetables. Eventually all of the vegetables from the garden and the eggs from the chickens will be used in our community cafe.